EF Harrold Farms



We have a direct supply to Kettle Crisps and Heinz potato products for our processing potatoes. All our Pre-pack potatoes are marketed through Nene Potatoes, a farmer owned Co-op supplying Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Co-op and others.


We grow feed wheat only, sold for movement in May, June and July. We keep in close contact with numerous merchants making sales at the appropriate time, using a variety of methods from straight sales to min price deals and options. We do this to maximise profits in order to keep our business growing year on year.


All of our spring and winter barley is grown for Malting. This is used to make beer. Our Malting Barley is sold through Frontier, Dewing Grain and Adams & Howling.


We currently grow HEAR and HOLL varieties as we have virgin OSR land, attracting premiums.

Vining Peas and Green Beans

We grow a Vining peas and Dwarf beans for Human Consumption. These are marketed through Aylsham Growers, which is a Co-op.

Sugar Beet

We grow sugar beet, which is sold to British Sugar for sugar production. We do not have our own harvester, so we currently use a local contractor.

Farm Accreditations